Anaiya Mussolini is truly an experienced traveler of the world. Born in Sicily and raised in southern California, she has a vast amount of travel experience as Executive Editor for the upcoming adventure travel publication, El Viajero. That led to her to living with the Kuna tribe off the coast of Panama, trudging through the jungles of northern Columbia, and navigating the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

Anaiya is a firm believer that traveling should not be referred to as sight-seeing, as that implies viewing a place or culture through a narrow window. Rather, travel must be an experience. To truly appreciate a destination, one must fully embrace it and immerse yourself in the culture. For it’s not the photographs that provide the last memory – it’s the experience. Some of Anaiya’s fondest memories of travel are rock climbing at Riserva Naturale Dello Zingaro in Sicily, participating in a Uini cultural ceremony in the islands of Kuna Yala, Panama as the Kunas wrapped her with beads, helping excavate ruins in Tikal, sailing in Scopello, making carpets in Fez with the Bedwins, and having a tribal name bestowed upon her by the Berbers in Morocco. The visual landscapes of these places are absolutely stunning, but are now secondary, as it’s the experience that stays with her.

Additionally, Anaiya’s passion for cultural dancing has taken her to international competitions in Turkey and Egypt the past few years, taking 2nd place in Turkey. Finally, she returned to her birthplace of Sicily in 2014, where she spent six months as Sales and Marketing Manager for Sicily Travelling. Anaiya is ever passionate about travel, wanting to help clients plan trips that will not only provide an avenue for either relaxation or adventure, but also place people on a path that will provide lasting memories and have an impact as to who they are.