To Pickle or not to Pickle

I always try to fully immerse myself in every culture, which means tasting the local cuisine, no matter how it looks; because we all know our eyes can deceive us. And although I have had my share of illnesses due to my adventurous spirit, it has been worth what I’ve been able to find in the tastebuds of life. To think, I would have completely missed out on some of the best foods, just because of the way the food looked.  So, with Scandinavia being renown for it's herring, it was obvious that I had to try this special delicacy, or so I thought. One night venturing out with no plans, I found myself at Zum Franziskaner, an ancient and charming restaurant reminiscent of a living museum that dates back to the 1600’s. To my delight they had herring. So of course I ordered the herring as my main without a second thought. Unbeknownst to me, while I was powdering my nose, my friend ordered the traditional Scandinavian fare of ‘pickled' herring as an appetizer.  When I returned from the ladies room I was surprised with this interesting array of fish chunks accompanied by some minimal onion for taste and of course the hard crackers. I was hesitant at first but to my surprise the taste was absolutely exquisite. I couldn’t help myself and yearned for more. It was so delicious I could not wait for my main course. When it arrived, I was full of excitement. There were upwards of six delectable herrings on my plate for consumption. I prepared the first bite waiting for the ecstasy I was expecting, and then I chewed. Something was amiss. This was not what I expected. Apparently the pickling process of herring unleashed amazing flavors and textures that make you yearn for more. But herring by itself - not so much. I did my best but was only able to make my way through one and a half of those unappetizing fish. I felt sorry for those other poor souls. So, if the question is whether to to pickle or not to pickle, I think we know the answer. From this point on, I am 100 percent on Team Pickled.